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Roof Gutter Cleaning

Importance of cleaning your roof gutters:

  • Prevent Roof Damage. Water pools inside the gutter and it will flood over at the bottom of the roof.

  • Prevent Pest Problems. Insects, birds, and rodent can make their homes in a gutter clogged with leaves and debris. They can also find their way into your home through the gutter system. A clogged gutter is a common cause of pest infestation in your home.

  • Prevents Basement Flooding. When the rainwater is blocked, and it overflows the gutter, it collects just above the basement of the home. It will affect the foundation of the house over time; the water will leak inside the basement. It can cause a severe flood and also can lead to the growth of mildew.

  •  Prevents the Unsightly Appearance of Your Property. The debris and leaves are clogging your gutters can be visible to other people. The water can also stain the siding of your home. These will make your home appear old and worn out.

  • Prevents Damages to Gutters. Debris in the gutter can corrode the gutter.

  • Cost-Effective. Regular cleaning of your gutter can help eliminate unexpected expenses and inconvenience of replacing your roof or repairing the damaged foundation. 

  • Winter: Prevent an ice dam. In winter months,  the water will freeze and either pull the gutter off or can cause an ice dam that will leak into the walls and cause the water to run down the side of your home.

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When is time to clean your roof gutters?

  • Pools of water on your lawn, near your foundation, or on your driveway. All of these are signals that water isn’t draining properly. It might also mean your downspouts aren’t connected properly.

  • Dripping gutters or gutters which aren’t draining at all. If water isn’t draining smoothly, it probably means you’ve got a clog or a leak somewhere in your gutters.

  • Water where it shouldn’t be. Are there drips inside your house? Pools of water in your basement? These are major warning signs: Your foundation or your roof could be at risk.

  • Signs of animal life. Are you seeing bugs in your house? Hearing mice in your attic or walls? These critters could be nesting in clogged gutters.

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